At Healthy Essentials, we know how important it is to maintain a balanced lifestyle. And unfortunately, it’s commonplace to hear that healthy foods don’t taste good, but that’s not always the case. We have snacking items that are vegan, gluten free, paleo, dairy free, vegetarian and keto friendly. Here are some of our top 10 healthy snacks you should add to your work lunches. 




Piranha Snaps Oregano & Thyme 25g


Our Piranha Snaps Oregano & Thyme crisps are gluten free and have natural flavours that leave your taste buds singing. Have a look at the ingredients and add a scrumptious snacking treat to enjoy during your lunch break. 




Orgran Multigrain Crispibread With Quinoa 125g


Whether it’s by itself or with toppings, the Orgran Multigrain Crispibread With Quinoa is always a winner. Not only is this snack vegan, but it’s gluten free as well. It’s made with the natural superfood quinoa and can make a delightful afternoon snack. 




VEGO Vegolino Fine Nougat Pralines 180g


If you’re looking for a healthy, chocolaty treat, this is the snack for you. Our VEGO Vegolino Fine Nougat Pralines are gluten free, vegan and made using organic ingredients. These sweet bites will melt in your mouth, leaving the taste of heavenly hazelnut chocolate behind. 




Orgran Wild Raspberry Biscuits 175g


You can never go wrong with the delicious flavours of raspberries. Surrounded by a baked shortcrust, the raspberry filling pops, making it a delectable treat. This delightful snack is gluten free and vegan. It’s a fantastic source of fibre and a wonderful addition to your work lunches. 




Keto Naturals Buttery Coconut Cookies 64g


Cookies can be our go to snack, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy. Our Keto Naturals Buttery Coconut Cookies are keto, vegan and paleo friendly as well as gluten free. Give your body healthy nutrients with a low carb cookie. 




Ceres Organics Salt & Vinegar Smash Crispy Rice Clouds 50g


Rice crispy clouds are a healthy snack every lunch box needs. Our Ceres Organics Salt & Vinegar Smash Crispy Rice Clouds are plant powered and delicious. They’re gluten free, vegan and organic. It’s the perfect afternoon work snack to power through the slow afternoons. 




Double D Sugar Free Gummy Bears 90g


Every workday needs at least one tasty treat, and our Double D Sugar Free Gummy Bears are a fantastic option. They’re sugar free, gluten free and made using natural colours and flavours. It’s a delectable afternoon pick me up that will give you enough energy to complete your workday. 




Brookfarm Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix 35g


Enjoy the fabulous flavours from the Mildura region of Victoria with our Brookfarm Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix. The elegant blend of nuts and fruits is vegan and gluten free. Not only will you be unable to beat this healthy work snack, but you won’t want to. 




Harvest Box We Love Nuts 45g


Our Harvest Box We Love Nuts includes a variety of delicious nuts, including peanuts and cashews. This pack is high in fibre while also being gluten free and vegan friendly. Just slip a packet into your lunchbox and enjoy every bite. 




Well, Naturally Choc Mint Crisp 45g


Our Well, Naturally collection of chocolates is a crowd favourite and comes in various flavours. Personally, our favourite is the Choc Mint Crisp. However, there are many more for you to choose from. Have a look at all the available options and add a little chocolaty treat to your workday.